5 Best Canals in Amsterdam

Image bycattan2011

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is known for its picturesque canals that crisscross the cityscape. These waterways not only provide a scenic backdrop to the city but also play a vital role in its transportation and history. Here are the 5 best canals in Amsterdam that you must visit:

1. Keizersgracht

Keizersgracht, or Emperor's Canal, is one of the most famous canals in Amsterdam. It is lined with beautiful 17th-century merchant houses and tree-lined streets. Along this canal, you will find trendy boutiques, cafes, and art galleries.

2. Prinsengracht

Prinsengracht, or Prince's Canal, is another iconic canal in Amsterdam. It is home to the Anne Frank House, where the famous diarist hid during World War II. You can also visit the Westerkerk, a church with an impressive tower offering panoramic views of the city.

3. Herengracht

Herengracht, or Patricians' Canal, is one of the most prestigious canals in Amsterdam. It is lined with grand mansions that once belonged to the city's wealthiest residents. The canal is a perfect place for a leisurely walk or a romantic boat ride.

4. Singel

Singel is one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam and was once the city's moat. Today, it is known for its floating flower market, where you can buy a variety of tulips and other blooming beauties. Don't miss the historic Weigh House and Mint Tower along the Singel canal.

5. Brouwersgracht

Brouwersgracht, or Brewers' Canal, is a hidden gem in Amsterdam. It is lined with warehouses that date back to the city's heyday as a major trading hub. Explore the canal by boat or simply stroll along its cobblestone paths to discover its charm.

These are just a few of the many beautiful canals that Amsterdam has to offer. Whether you choose to admire them from the comfort of a canal cruise or explore them on foot or by bike, the canals of Amsterdam are sure to leave you enchanted with their beauty and history.